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Fairness Description

Shanghai YueYing Detecting Techniques Co., Ltd.  accept client, carry out product environmental reliability testing, to ensure that the company as a third-party testing of independence, impartiality and integrity.


Now make the following statement
1. Organization with the functions of administering public affairs as authorized by the company and administrative organs and laws and regulations, and the detection units of the product design, manufacturing units, unit sales agent no subordinate relationship or other relationship of interest is independent in scientific research, production and sales of third party inspection and measuring mechanism, not subject to any administrative department, business, economic and other factors on the testing work of intervention.

2. The company is not involved and test items or similar competitive projects related product design, development, production, supply, installation, use or maintenance may influence the detection and confidentiality, objectivity and justice of any activity.

3 to all customers are serious, serious treatment, all commissioned by the testing services, to provide the same quality of service.

4. All the staff to provide business information and technical data and the test data and results imposed secrecy, not to any third party leakage, promise not to other units for use, not for the company's technology development, technology consulting and other activities.

5 no employee shall undertake sample inspection in the name of a person, not the whole client business subcontracted to third parties for.


The above statement, the company is willing to accept the supervision of the community, customers and related industry management agencies.